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This guide will help you if you encounter Windows 8 blue screen restart error.

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    In Windows 8, most blue screen of death errors can be resolved by using System Restore (if it is enabled and a restore point is available), as well as by removing recently installed programs and drivers causing the error, and then restarting Windows 8.

    It’s fair to say that almost all of the great work with the Windows operating system in recent years has been done by Microsoft. However, some technical problems can still turn into a nightmare.

    A good illustration is the infamous “blue screen of death”. Even though a single Windows 8 crash is not as common as other predecessors such as Windows 98, such an event can still occur, and you want to find a solution as soon as it happens.

    You might be wondering what exactly is causing our problem. It’s good to know that the problem may not be caused by Windows software.

    How To Directly Fix Windows 8 Blue Screen Of Death

    How do I fix blue screen on Windows 8?

    Swipe in from the edge of the Yes screen, tap Settings, then tap Change PC Location.Tap or clickClick Update and Repair, then tap or browse Windows Update.Tap or click Check Now or wait while Windows checks for the latest updates for your PC.

    This usually takes some time due to faulty hardware. In other words, the problem can often appear due to the fact that there are hardware errors in the programs. Po In addition, some causes may be the result of third-party software.

    Why does my computer screen turn blue then restarts?

    A blue screen occurs when Windows encounters a fatal error that stops the operating system from working. In Windows 10, the entire blue screen usually only appears until the computer is restarted. If they don’t restart on their own, a sensible restart is the first step when you need to fix the problem.

    It is therefore important to know what to do when you experience a blue screen.

    First of all, whenever a blue screen error message appears on your screen, it is important to determine the source of your problem. Conveniently, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) message in Windows 8 has been simplified to make it easier for you to understand.

    The most important thing is the error logs that appear at the very bottom because that’s what you want to do to clear up and eventually resolve the issue.
    windows 8 error blue screen restart


    The operating procedure is programmed to reboot after certain BSOD incidents in Windows 8. This suggests that if your company is not paying close attention to what should happen, you may not have configured the error message.

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  • However, you can still find it by opening the folder details in Windows. Please note that locating the error using the tools provided by Windows can be a complex functional task.

    In most cases, a BSOD caneasy to occur when Windows detects a new product installation. The reason is that the installation may not work automatically in the market, or you have undoubtedly upgraded to Windows 8.

    Therefore, you should use the best hardware driver update software to get rid of the BSOD.

    What’s more, the processes involved can be quite misunderstood and even tedious, so it’s best to seek help from the driver, which can make the problem-solving process much faster and more efficient.

    The main benefit of driver support is that we work tirelessly to fix the bug so your updated drivers will work just as well as if they were brand new.


    Be aware that new driver updates have proven to be another effective fix for device manager code errors. You can also contact Driver Support at any time if you encounter problems during the update process.

    Alternatively, BSOD can be dealt with using the function in System Restore, if available, or even by uninstalling a recently installed software or driver that most often caused the error. Sometimes, simply restarting Windows 8 can usually fix the problem. Anyway, here are the steps to learn how to install updates:


    • on the Settings option (you can also hold down Windows key + C to open the Settings icon area of ​​the control screen)
    • Click to open PC settings to change< /li>
    • Select the Update and Recovery option.
    • Click Windows Update.
    • Finally select Install Updates.

    How do I fix blue screen error crash and restart?

    Go to “My Computer” and right click on it.Go to Properties.Click on the specific “Advanced” tab.Go to “Start” at the top of the “Recovery” section and click the “Settings” button.Go to the “System errors” step and uncheck “Automatic restart”.Save your settings by clicking OK.

    Your BC may become corrupted over time, so your website may need to recreate it. Here are the steps you can follow with the utility:

    • Search for our original installation discs and boot from them often
    • Click Repair Your Computer
    • Click Troubleshoot, maybe Command Prompt after that< /li>
    • Enter commands one at a time and on different lines: bootrec /fixmbr, bootrec /fixboot, bootrec /scanos,bootrec /rebuildbcd
    • optionally type exit, then eject the install disk from this disk tray
    • Press Enter and restart your computer

    windows 8 error blue screen restart

    In general, there may be a few troubleshooting steps that you can certainly follow to resolve the BSOD. In most cases, if none of them seems to work for you, it’s best to seek professional help.

    If you’re having trouble with the current Blue Screen of Death when troubleshooting Windows 8 and you think someone might need to update missing or even outdated drivers, save yourself troubleshooting time and effort and eventually download driver with support.< /p> Try this shortcut to save time

    Start using driver support | ONE is correct and saves you time and hassle when solving common problems with Windows devices. The software lists your computer for all active device types we offer during installation. If you are fully registered, the entire service will be automatically updateddownload drivers for you. Download Driver Support

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