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Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported a virus signature database update that failed with an invalid username/password error.

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    An unsuccessful invalid username and/or password should be displayed in the update window from the main menu after several unsuccessful attempts to update the virus pattern file database from the mirror. We recommend that you go to Advanced Structure > Update > Profile > Mirror and confirm your username and password.

    virus signature database update ended with an error invalid username/password

    The information in this article applies to a previous version of ESET. It is recommended to use the latest ESET series. For information on how to update your software, please visit our technical page How to update your ESET software to the latest version. The content of the article below is intended for those who may have questions about older versions of the program.

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro from the website
  • 2. Install it on your computer
  • 3. Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • Description. This document provides help with troubleshooting errors in ESET NOD32, also known as Smart Security, throughout the activation/renewal process. Basically this will fix the new error 0008, invalid username/password, installation failure or error.

    1. Make sure the username and password of the company by submitting it Hey email to you via ESET, correct.
    2. After confirmation, enter your username and password. on one of these two screens.

    3. At this point, ESET should send an email to your system and activate it. If it doesn’t matter and you get error 0008 or invalid username, follow this article from ESET.

    virus signature database update ended with an error invalid username/password

    If some of the steps in the ESET publication didn’t resolve your issue, try the following.


    1. Open advanced settings.
    2. Once you open the advanced settings, find and open the corresponding “Update” tab on the left.
    3. Clear the cache and check if the password field is there.
    4. If there is a password in the field, then most likely it is incorrect and you will need to re-enter it manuallywow.
    5. If no password is saved in the password field, you must remove Self-Defense from the HIPS category. It is indeed in the computer dropdown shown here.
    6. After disabling personal protection, ESET will definitely restart the computer.
    7. After the reboot, open the advanced settings again and open the Update tab there. On the Manual Recording tab, enter your username and password, and then click OK.
    8. Now click Refresh on the left side of the large ESET screen.
    9. Click “Update Virus Signature Database” and the product can be activated.
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    1. I use p The latest version of Smart Security, 669, is not automatically replaced. The document still says: Invalid username/password. Although this is the correct login-password, but. The update still works, but the automatic update still doesn’t work, which may result in an error, invalid username/password. Why?

    2. MarcosEset Account

      22. November 2002
      Have you changed the default update task settings?

    3. No, I never changed or manipulated anything.

    4. GingerRegistered Per Day, Member

      December 2006
      It happened to me too. I tried to get upClicking on a webpage and noticing the orange ESS icon is just database version 669. And 3257 complains:
      Database update error for specific virus

      I tried to manually update it several times and the app kept crashing. My internet connection was logged as I was even online with my browser and shell login on another exotic machine.

      I rebooted and had to manually update — to database 3260.

      I don’t see any reported issues with my view event.

      However, in the organization’s ESS log, I see today’s latest entry in the update module:
      Undocumented fatal error (0x%04x)

      After my last update of information, I see an entry when
      Statistical information sent to ESET
      (Does it help me at all?)



      How can I Update virus signature database for ESET Nod32 offline?

      Be sure to visit the official ESET website to download all offline updates for ESET NOD32 Antivirus.Use the download manager to download the script file.Once downloaded, unzip the ZIP file.Open the installerfile, find the path and copy the file location policy to update your antivirus.

      Last revised: July 10, 2008

    5. KarlBirRegistered Member

      6. July 2008
      I got this error.

      I created a for rule for all my applications that require port forwarding.
      Just dismiss the message at the bottom of the rules, I hope this reads north to south?

      In any case, everything was cleaned up.

      Looks like someone needs to set some rules for such ports to be closed…

    6. I did a clean install by first completely removing all remaining formats from my documents and settings, routines etc, all XP folders as the installer can never uninstall/remove ekrn easily. How to uninstall from exe to hard drive. Removed with Unlocker.
      Also all deleted entries for ESET in this registry.A

      performed a clean reinstall of ESET.
      It now works with update impact scheduler settings that run every 60 minutes.

      but if you change it in 30 minutes, maybe a little faster, it will never work automatically with an error: Invalid username/password.

      Why is this? If there is a specificth mod to change auto advance, but it only works for at least 60 days, not to check every 10 or 30 minutes, etc. Is this a mistake?

      How can I Update ESET Nod32 antivirus online?

      ESET NOD32 Antivirus can be updated manually or sometimes automatically. To start an update, click Update in the program’s main time period, then click Check Progress. The default installation options create a useful automatic update task that runs every hour.

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