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    Over the past few weeks, some readers have reported that they are facing the vbscript network drive deletion error.

    VBScript To Force Disconnect A Network Drive

    Your login texts benefit from two benefits of RemoveNetworkDrive. First, check for errors if you want to successfully map an already mapped network drive. Secondly, deleting the existing Meet Player is especially useful if all your scripts are already installed before the trial period and you don’t want to worry about logging in and out of File Explorer.


    Themes For RemoveNetworkDrive

  • Network Disconnect Script
  • Remove NetworkDrive arguments
  • Example 1: Simple removal of a network drive
  • Example pair for the complete RemoveNetworkDrive syntax
  • Summary
  • Disconnect Network Drive Script

    For me, the situation should look like this: if I test a package that maps a network drive before running the script a second time from scratch, I get an error. Now I could use the “Resume next on error” command, but that could potentially hide other software issues, so I’ll add a RemoveNetworkDrive statement. Mhis friend “Barking” likes Eddie’s shutdown scenarios and includes a nice RemoveNetworkDrive in his cleanup routine.

    Remove NetworkDrive Arguments

    You usually only need two things: the type of the method, RemoveNetworkDrive, and the power symbol.

    Learning the basics of RemoveNetworkDrive was easy. When there is danger, I call it “rethinking”. You don’t need a comma before the drive letter, and you don’t need the name of the attached infrastructure share. What you are asking is just a drive letter.

    Even mastering extended arguments is now easy, just be careful with commas, here is the full syntax:

    The letter b in bForce and hence bUpdateProfile means boolean, it helps us to contain only true or false. bForce means cleaning every drive, even if it’s not being used “scared” or hide-and-seek.)

    This setting of bUpdateProfile requires VBScript to update the user’s profile.

    Simple RemoveNetworkDrive Example

    Even though RemoveNetworkDrive is clean, we need to prepare an already mapped drive. Otherwise, nothing can be need to, and you may just get an error message “This network connection does not exist”

    1. You need the H: drive before the script has a network drive type to delete.
    1. Copy and paste the following script into Notepad, or simply download a script editor such as OnScript (free download).
    2. Save the file with a .vbs extension, for example. DeleteNetworkDrive.vbs.
    3. Duplicates and displays confirmation in Windows Explorer. H:

    VBS Learning Points

    Note 1: The base RemoveNetworkDrive command is a nice, simple and clean command without commas and with only one argument: traditional drive.

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro from the website
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  • 3. Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

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    Example 2 – Complete RemoveNetworkDrive Syntax

    In case someone needs someone’s bForce or bUpdateProfile switch, here’s an example of the complete RemoveNetworkDrive command.

    1. This is usually a preliminary script for creating the H: drive. I mean, for a very important scenario, a mapped drive must be connected before RemoveNetworkDrive can disconnect it!
    2. To get a complete understanding of bForce, make sure opening a mapped network drive is reason enough for Windows Explorer, now try Example 1. You’ve almost certainly received a confusing message. Try again, but this time, for example, with 2, and it looks more like a bForce command.
    1. Copy and paste the script into the following notebook. .
    2. Save the file with a ..vbs extension, such as RemoveNetworkDrive.vbs.
    3. Double it and check in Windows Explorer. There should be no dots


    Learn Something: H To Check These Additional Deviations From RemoveNetworkDrive, Open The Mapped Network Drive. Now Try Running The Script With BForce And Additionally Without It.

    Note 3. The Main Part Of The Script Is, Of Course, The Error Correction Code. Take A Moment To See How If…then, Close If The Build Is Running Explorer.

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    vbscript remove network drive error

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    vbscript remove network drive error

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