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Recently, some readers reported that they stumbled upon update PC Media Antivirus 2011.

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    update pc media antivirus 2011

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    After 15 years of enterprise security (and nine versions of its software), AVG has finally moved to an annual cycle, moving from version 9 to the new 2011 version. The actual software doesn’t seem to have changed much, but it hasn’t . not a bad sign: its predecessor was our popular free security package, which combines good features and a fairly simple experience thanks to protection.< /p>

    In terms of discovery, 2011 continued to do a good job. It immediately detected 91% of the threats from our trial offer, and when most people tried it, they found that you only got an additional 2%, giving an overall score of 93%. It’s the same as version 9, but it’s not in first place with Norton Internet Security 2011 with an A rating of 96%, but at a significant level with many ad packs.

    You still get a free LinkScanner course that adds an alert Ranks (or good marks) in search results, as well as a guaranteed gaming mode and a built-in email mode that now includes support for IMAP and POP.

    A few of the new features are nothing special. The Windows 7 AVG Gadget is their useless gadget, and the rest of the upgrades are pretty minor, like the Restore button on the main interface and the auto-check for links posted on Facebook or MySpace. There is a huge “PC Analyzer” module that checks for registry errors, etc., but make no mistake: if you go back to optimizing your PC, you will be sent to the internet log to find the module for 30 times. $ (about £19) per year to purchase. Despite

    update pc media antivirus 2011

    Oddly enough, AVG’s RAM has gone up due to the lack of meaningful additions. While version 9 weighs in at 49MB, the re-release (with the offending install options) is more than three times the size. Its impact on point startup and initialization has also increased from 2 seconds to 11 seconds, which is still a bit average for a security suite, still a little behind.from last year’s peak performance.

    PC running slow?

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro from the website
  • 2. Install it on your computer
  • 3. Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • We’re also disappointed that AVG has become a bit more assertive when it comes to selling you a commercial package. Now when you use Free Edition Contractors, it is suggested by default to turn off the limited trial version of the paid package. Needless to say, the very large sliding trade lot ad at the bottom of interface #1 also remains.

    In general, while AVG’s new name is geared towards our own future, the changes are reversed. However, to be fair, it has to be said that aside from the job, it still does a fantastic stealth job of detecting adware, and its feature set is emptying the Microsoft Security Essentials stores like a man. This AVG is still our favorite free security suite for good reason, but with one caveat: it’s a terrific step in the wrong direction. Fingers crossed for AVG 2012.


    Software subcategory Internet Security

    Supportproduct works

    Supported operating system is Windows Vista? yes
    Supported operating system is Windows XP? yes

    – Anti-spyware
    – Anti-rootkit
    – Pulse updates
    – Protection from robots
    – Network mapping and monitoring
    – Norton Reputation Service
    – SONAR 3 behavioral protection

    Why should you choose Norton™ AntiVirus 2011? – Protects your PC from the latest viruses, spyware and advanced threats.

    – Provides a fast and powerful online hideout to keep you ahead of cyber attacks.
    – You can hold conferences, send emails and share files without worry.
    – Self-renewing, offers convenient features but includes free customer support for the duration of your subscription.

    Protects your computer from the latest known viruses, spyware and other threats. Norton Reputation instantly determines where files come from and how long they’ve been around to detect and block new criminal programs faster than other less sophisticated programs.mmy security.< / p>
    – The Norton protection system uses multiple layers of superimposed protection cells to stop viruses, spyware and other network attacks.
    – Norton Pulse updates provide the latest updates that protect you from the latest threats without slowing down your PC.SONAR
    – 3 Behavior Shield monitors suspicious PC behavior to instantly detect new online threats.

    – Norton Bootable Recovery Tool creates a rescue CD/DVD/USB that will reboot you while you work, even if your computer has infected you and won’t boot.

    – Bot detection blocks our automated programs that cybercriminals use to take control of your access computer and your new personal information, and use your computer or laptop to send spam and initial attacks on other computers. Earthworm
    – Security features protect your computer from rapidly spreading Internet worms and prevent their transmission to other users. rootkit
    – Prognosis finds and removes deeply hiddenMalware that can hide other groups of threats and allow cybercriminals to take control of your PC.

    Stay protected without sacrificing performance. Proactive performance alerts let you know when an app is literally slowing down your PC so users can make changes to improve performance.

    Improve the speed of your computer today by downloading this software - it will fix your PC problems.

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