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    Over the past few weeks, several users have reported to us that they are experiencing Terminal Services Licensing error code 31. “Windows was unable to start Terminal Services Licensing for the local computer. See the system event log for more information. If it’s a non-Microsoft service, contact that service provider and provide error code 31 for the specific service.

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  • In Parts 1 and 2 of this series of four articles, we covered the most common server certification issues. In this section, I’ll cover some of the less common serious issues with server licensing, including:

  • License databases are corrupted
  • Activation problems
  • CAL deployment issues
  • License Database Corrupted

    Although in rare cases, the game license data store may be corrupted. Signs of a corrupted databaseThese include the Licensing Service not being able to start, the service not being able to continue running, or possibly the Terminal Servers not being able to rent CALs (although the issue is probably because you have another supported underlying issue). ).

    Corruption can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common one is that we make the mistake of storing license databases on a compressed drive. Shrinking the disk results in write latency, resulting in database corruption. According to Jet-based Microsoft, databases cannot be on compressed disks. For more information, see Microsoft document Q318116 KB.

    Other causes of damage can also occur, such as an accidental server shutdown or a failure in the licensing service, or a problem with home repair, such as a failed RAID controller or cache.

    Of course, there is no better protection against damage than a good backup; Also, if you end up with the most damaged database, you can easily restore a brand new (empty) databaseat the data. Please note that the new collection will not install CALs. To return them, you need to contact the Microsoft Information Center.

    Restoring a database is as simple as deleting or renaming the classic database folder and restarting its service:

    1. Stop the Terminal Server Licensing Service.
    2. Rename most of the LServer directory to (default Windowssystem32 location), which could be something like LServer_Old.
    3. Simply create a new folder containing the user (WindowsSystem32 by default) named LServer.
    4. Start the Server Licensing Service in the Terminal.

    When the service starts, it quickly creates new TLSLic.edb file data and a set of contact logs. You can check the success by looking in the LServer directory for the daily life of the database, the file and the event log should list the following events:

    Event ID




    TermServ License

    Loading n policy module %SystemRoot%system32tls236.dll for commercial organization Microsoft Corporation.

    TermServ License

    How do I fix Remote Desktop licensing mode is not configured?

    Grace period Microsoft.There is no setting.Use the PowerShell cmdlet.Be sure to use the registry.Use local or trusted domain policy.Reboot your device.Be sure to check your firewall.check compatibility.

    Terminal Services Licensing started.

    The LServer directory should probably contain the following files if I tell the service to start:

    file name

    How do I activate my terminal license?

    Start the RDS License Manager if you do not already manage it. In Windows 2012, start Server Manager and click Tools > Terminal Services > Remote Desktop Licensing Manager. Right-click on the server name and select “Install Licenses”. Select the applicable licensing process and click Next.



    License database collection log


    File used by Jet’s Checkpoint to determine where in the transaction tree transactions have been checked for storage in the database

    Why did the Terminal Services Licensing service terminate with service-specific error 31?

    The Terminal Services Licensing service terminated due to service-specific error 31. If you have problems activating the license server Well, this can also be caused by several reasons. You may have an incomplete license service installation or a corrupted/invalid set of certificates. Check the event logs for the following event:


    Save the log file when you run out of disk space. Limited to 5 MB


    Second standby log for the same purpose as res1.log


    Exact license database file


    Used to store information about current transactions

    Once you have determined that the database is has been successfully rebuilt, you should contact your current Microsoft Information Center to reissue your CALs today. To see the total number of phones for the data center, change the phone license server activation method in the Terminal Server Licensing e-book (right-click the license server in the location and select Properties). The next time you go through the license installation wizard, you will see the phone number for your environment. You can also purchase all regional phone numbers from the following main registration site:

    If you receive an error when restarting a particular Terminal Server Licensing Service in the step above, make sure you have published the LServer directory and that it can be found in the correct location. You can find the following license database in the aesthetic service path in the following registry location:

    Celebration log entries can be practiced even if database creation failed:

    Company ID ytiya

    terminal services licensing error code 31


    terminal services licensing error code 31



    TermServ License

    A general database error occurred, ESE instance could not be initialized – error -1811 JET_errFileNotFound, file not found.


    How do you fix an RDP license?

    Open the registry editor (regedit).Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlTerminal ServerRCM.Find this GracePeriod key and delete or rename it.

    Service Control Manager

    Terminal Services Licensing terminated the service with a service-specific error 31.

    Problems With Activation And Installation Of Client Licenses

    How do I fix terminal server license?

    Open Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlTerminal ServerRCM.In the Registry menu, selectSelect Export Registry File.In the File Name window, enter Release-Certificate and click Save.

    If you’re having problems with the Activation License Server, there can be multiple reasons. Maybe

    You are lucky to have an incomplete license service installation and a bunch of corrupted/invalid certificates. Check the event logs for an upcoming event:

    Identifier generated by the event



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    License for a lifetime

    There is no license for site visitors due to the error “Coupon cannot be added to the store, error c0010020”.

    If so, the easiest solution is to uninstall and reinstall this Terminal Server Licensing Service from the current server.

    1. If necessary, intervene in Terminal Server licensing by renaming the LServer directory (WindowsSystem32 by default).
    2. Under “Windows Components” under “Add/Remove Programs” uncheck “Terminal Server Licensing” and fill in “scarcerer the”.
    3. After restarting the server, usually go back to Windows Components in Add/Remove Programs and check the license terminal server, the default physical address WindowsSystem32 is fine).

    Make sure all services are running and that the directory for each LServer is properly created. You can also check the Windows Meeting Log for the following entries, which most likely indicate successful startup between services:

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    When do I need to restart terminal services licensing service?

    If the permission server is installed on a domain controller, after adding the appropriate specific accounts to the Terminal Server License Servers group, you must restart the TS Licensing service or report the use of TS in CALs. Event ID 4105 can be logged for any of the following reasons:

    How does Terminal Server License Manager report and enforce licensing?

    Terminal Server Licensing reports but does not enforce certification. The application runs through the Windows NT License Manager. If the RDP client is often denied access to the server when trying to connect, increasing the license in the Terminal Server License Manager will definitely not solve the problem.

    Terminal Services Licensing Felkod 31
    Kod Błędu Licencjonowania Usług Terminalowych 31