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PC running slow?

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    Over the past few days, some of our users have been reporting The sims 3 game save error 16. Error code 16 in The Sims 3 means your save game has exceeded the 4 GB size limit, and the area is almost certainly too big for the game (I don’t know why that company set that limit, but it may have acted). this usually occurs in areas where people have been playing for many years.

    When I Try To Help You Save Your Game, I Get Error 12 (or 16). What Is This Error And How Can I Avoid It?

    Memory errors 12 and 16 indicate that there is not enough memory to properly save the match and saving will be aborted. In any case, the files become too large as a result, but their severity depends on what kind of error the buyers receive.


    Some unpleasant symptoms of this type:

    • Long or incomplete loads when changing families or entering Create a Sim.
    • Incorrectly loaded textures or model characters.
    • Po Losing important information from the last backup or protecting from a new backup until restarting production performance
    • Table crashes or nova freezes completely
    • Complete freeze of the entire healthy computer, forced reboot.
    • One of the Sims Wall email or password is out of sync if you have Showtime installed
    • Disallow logging in to the Sims Wand if Showtime is installed with only the correct email address and security password combination.
    • Corruption (and subsequent deletion) of an automatic save file.

    In addition to data loss, the problems are temporary and will disappear after restarting the game. However, since data is always available, it is very dangerous to lose an error when it occurs.

    Please read the relaxation page of this page to understand and point out why this happens, as well as tips on how to avoid or delay damage.

    November 19, 2009, EA released a full hotfix to fix this bug. Although a special patch for The 3 Sims Pets seems to work, bugs are common as some players experience after installing The 3 Sims Showtime.

    Error 12

    Error 12 means that there is not enough space in your RAM to write properly. They usually improve after long sessions, especially if you have a large family.

    You increase the chances, including seeing the bug, that you’re doing a lot of things in the Create Sim state, including planning outfits, especially if your Perfect Sims have a lot of completely different outfits. This is because the data is loaded into your RAM in batches and is not always safely returned to technology. In the end, the system will be disconnected from the storage and cannot guarantee a backup.

    12 Mistakes To Avoid

    sims 3 save game error 16

    Because of its causes, error 12 is easier to avoid. Try to save too often, especially if your computer has less than 4 GB of RAM. Although the save time is not unacceptable, we recommend that you save every night in the game, even ifall sims are sleeping and also in front of the World entrance in Adventures.

    How do you fix Sims 3 not saving?

    Delete the backup copy (put on top) of the desktop. Start a new game (a new save folder will be created) check if it is saved. If so, your games backup might be corrupted. Customize your other gamesso they come back one at a time, and test each one to see how well they hold up now.


    PC running slow?

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro from the website
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  • 3. Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • By the way, before you give the command to “plan your equipment”, save it, try again and, when you manage to make changes, return cleanly to the future game. You will find that the twelfth mistake is common if you have spent at least one week in a saved game without playing, despite being called after entering Create-A-Sim.

    How do you fix error 16 in Sims Medieval?

    Thread: 16 Medieval sims discount code not saving hard Check disk. Make sure someone has emptied the trash, yours, and defragmented the hard drive. You run them multiple times, and this should prevent the 16.file error from appearing frequently.

    By the way, additional programs that you can create in the background consume RAM, which makes The Sims 3 less accessible. so music players or web browsers are quite possible. Transforming tasks (for example, by Alt-Tab pressing or the Windows key) also consumes RAM, so you can keep these steps to a minimum.12

    Damage Control Error

    What does error code 16 mean in Sims 3?

    Error 3 years ago. Error 16 means that your backup file in the N range is larger than 1 GB and cannot be saved. This means that your total file size with your current game isn’t necessarily roughly the size of your family. Error 16 usually occurs when you save some history.

    sims 3 save game error 16

    If you attack with error 12 while trying to escape, you may be able to recover ready without leaving the quest. Since the problem is in the aircraft RAM, the solution is often to free up moreth part of the LA RAM in the system, as well as unload part of the downloaded information.

    For example, changing the active families in the “Edit City” section means that all Sims in the area in the area will cancel their current action, but your active Sims will also cancel their wishes and promises. You might want to turn on Go Families and then come back to save that time.

    If that doesn’t work instead, try the huge save under “save…” and give the file a brand new name. the personal data created again in this way is on the hard disk, and some parts of the statistics in RAM do not need to be transferred. This is the best way we found to get around the error.

    If you have Showtime installed, you can try logging out of the official Sims 3 website through the options menu. Whenever you change the resolution or associated game quality to something lower, some parts of the game will force some graphics drives to be swapped out of RAM. This would certainly be enough to justly deduct profits.

    How do you fix a corrupted Sims 3 game?

    Re: Corrupted files save Sims 3 You can try a slower option – clear the game folder, make a save here in that world, or delete the . nhd file, drop your legacy file so you can see if it is. If it is, save the internet and back it up. Mistake

    If you manage to recover from the error after 12 and complete the save, you can immediately exit the game and restart it if you intend to continue playing. Just because you saved yourself from error 12 once doesn’t mean you can’t recover a second time in the same session. Restarting our game (or even your shutdown computer’s game) helps clean up all poker game data from RAM and then gives you more options at all times.

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