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In this user guide, we describe some of the possible causes that pegasus malware can generate, and then we suggest some possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem.

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    Pegasus Spyware is spyware that can hijack a lot of iOS or Android devices and get various data from the infected device, including text messages, messages, key logs, audio, and information from installed apps like Facebook or maybe even Instagram.


    The spyware is undoubtedly pegasus, developed by the Israeli cyberweapons company NSO Group. Can be sneakily installed (and on other devices) running most [1] versions of iOS and Android.[2] Pegasus can devices use iOS up to 14.6 with a new zero. -click exploit, passwords, track location, use the microphone and camera of the target device. Gather information from applications.[3][4] Spyware is named after Pegasus, a winged creature from Greek mythology. are Trojan horses that can “fly through the air” and infect mobile phones[5].

    Who made Pegasus spyware?

    Pegasus’ advanced spyware, developed and also by the Israeli company NSO Group and bought by governments such as Saudi Arabia returning to collect information about those who make them terrorists or criminals, was always supposed to be on at least 11 Apple iPhones, which were discovered in the USA. officials. in or Uganda to do business related to his country and people

    Pegasus was discovered in August 2016 after a failed attempt to install it on a human rights activist’s iPhone led to an investigation that unearthed details about the spyware, its additional capabilities, and the security vulnerabilities it has. used. media coverage. It has been called the “most sophisticated” smartphone attack ever, and it was also the first time your own remote malware exploit used a jailbreak to gain full access to a real iPhone.[6]

    Is Pegasus spyware on my phone?

    Most Pegasus media reports reiterate the compromise of Apple hardware. Spyware infects devices very badly. But Android is not as efficient because the website technique uses rooting which is not 100% reliable.

    Spyware has been used to monitor anti-regime activists, journalists and government leaders in several countries around the world.[7] conducted by human rights activists from Amnesty International showed that Pegasus is still widely used against high-profile targets.[1]


    The NSO group developed the first version of the 2011 Pegasus spyware.[4] states that the NSO has “authorized governments to use technology carriers that can help combat “[6][8] The NSO Group has published sections of agreements that require customers to use their own products only in criminal and illegal situations.for general purposes. security investigations and has stated that he is a leader in human rights issues.[9]


    The Pegasus iOS exploit was investigated in August 2016. Arab human rights activist Ahmed Mansour received an In Anchor text message via a link promising “secrets” about torture planning in prisons in the United Arab Emirates. Mansour sent the link to Lab citizen at the University of Toronto, who, together with Lookout, investigated and found that if Mansour used the link, his phone would be hacked and the spyware embedded as a link would be socially engineered. .[10]

    Citizen Lab and Lookout have determined that the software downloaded from the link is three previously unknown exploits of unpatched iOS zero-day vulnerabilities.[11][12] on According to their analysis, the Definite software will jailbreak the iPhone if a malicious URL is opened, a form of collision known as spear phishing. The computer and install collects all message locations and targets the iPhone. Softwaresoftware that can also collect Wi-Fi passwords.[13] Researchers who noticed that the code mentioned apps in leaked business documents, an NSO Group entity called “Pegasus”.> [14 ][15] Citizen Lab and notified lookout to Apple’s security marketing which fixed the bug and released an iOS update within a few days. A patch for [16] macOS was released six days later.[17]

    pegasus malware

    Regarding the frequency of the problem, Lookout said in a blog post: “We believe this spyware has been around for a while, based on the most visible indicators in the code.” and pointed out that the code shows symptoms of “a kernel mapping table containing values ​​going back to iOS (version 7” 2013).[18] The New York Times The and The Times of Israel reported that, this spyware appears to have been deployed by the United Arab Emirates in 2013.[19][20][21]It was found in Pana e. used by former President Ricardo Martinelli from 2012 to 2014, who was awarded the National Consejo Nacional de Seguridad (Security Council) for its use.[22] [23] [ 24][25]


    Can you detect Pegasus spyware?

    Mobile users will definitely use the Verification Toolkit (MVT) to detect Pegasus spyware. This tool works wellthaws on popular Android and IOS devices. The corrupted files indicator is usually invoked when running a custom scan that Amnesty provided for this Pegasus.

    Several lawsuits were filed in 2018 alleging that the NSO Group helped clients run computer software and therefore, on its own initiative, was involved in numerous human rights violations. Via [21] two months after the assassination and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi human rights activist, at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz, a resident of Canada, filed a lawsuit in Israel against the NSO Group, accusing the company of having the Saudi government program surveillance to spy on the dog’s friends, including Khashoggi.[26]

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  • In December 2020, an excellent Al Jazeera TV series titled “The Hidden Matter” featured his Pegasus and the intrusion into the phones of media professionals and activists; and their own use of IsraelPole to eavesdrop on both enemies and allies.[27][28]

    Technical Details

    The adware can be installed on devices running certain versions of iOS, Apple’s flexible operating system, and many Android devices.[1] Suite is not the best exploit, it is a pegasus. appropriate is an exploit that exploits many system vulnerabilities. Infection vectors include link clicks, the Photos app, the entire Apple app, music, and iMessage. Some of the exploits used by Pegasus are indeed click-free, meaning they can be executed on any of the interacting victims. After installation, it was reported that Pegasus was able to follow all the rules, contacts, call logs, messages, schedules, web browser settings, history,
    pegasus malware

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