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PC running slow?

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    You may encounter an error message that msconfig is running. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, we’ll talk about them now. What is msconfig? MSConfig System Configuration is a system utility designed specifically for troubleshooting issues while investing in Microsoft Windows. It can disable and re-enable software, device drivers, or Windows alternatives that run at startup and can change startup options.


    Users using Microsoft Windows XP and later must have administrator privileges on Flow msconfig. This utility is not available for Windows 95, Windows NT, and possibly Windows 2000.


    In Windows 8, Microsoft also removed this feature from the System Setup utility and immediately moved it to the Windows 8 Task Manager.

    Msconfig is usually a system utility configuration when referring to Windows operating systems. With this utility, we can configure startup options, services, and therefore startup programs.

    If you want to open msconfig from the command line, you can run the following command.

    Run msconfig

    You will probably use “msconfig” from Run Manage, but that doesn’t work from an efficient command line.

    MSconfig Location:

    How do I run MSConfig in Windows 10?

    Simultaneously press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to launch it, a variation of “msconfig”, then press Enter or even press/click OK. The System Configuration Tool should open immediately.

    How do I open MSConfig in Task Manager?

    How to get MsConfig dialog from task manager; Right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager” from the context selector. Choose File > Run New Task. Enter msconfig.

    On Windows XP with Server 2003, Msconfig.exe can be purchased from C:WINDOWSpchealthhelpctrbinaries.

    Windows Cannot Trust Msconfig?

    If you only run the msconfig command, Windows cannot display the executable. The PATH environment variable (pointing to just about every directory that Windows might encounter in order to run tocommands) doesn’t actually have the msconfig location of the .exe file. So if we basically run msconfig from the requested command, we will get the following error message.

    How do I run MSConfig from command prompt?

    Method 1 – Use the Run command Like your company in previous versions of Windows, MsConfig can be opened with the Run command. Use the keyboard shortcut “Windows key + R”, the “Run” window will also open. In the text field write “msconfig” then press Enter or OK and the exact MsConfig window will open.

    C:>msconfig"msconfig" is not considered an executable or batch file, available internally or externally.

    Windows seems to have all sorts of hidden utilities that allow you to tweak and change system settings that aren’t usually found in areas like the Control Panel. One of my favorite tools that has been around since the Windows days before 2000 is MSCONFIG. It is mainly found in the Microsoft system configuration and can be easily configured with various options. In this article, I will show you how to actually access MSCONFIG and how to use it. Start

    To start with, I like to run MSCONFIG on Windows 7. The device is pretty much the same as it was on Windows Vista and later, with a few changes to Windows that I’ll cover later. Click the start button and type msconfig.

    The system configuration dialog must be openscrolls with several tabs. The number of tabs may vary depending on the version of Windows you are using. In Windows 7 and just 8 there are 5 tabs: Startup, General, Services, Startup and Tools.

    MSCONFIG General Tab

    PC running slow?

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  • In particular, the first tab selected by default is usually always the General tab.

    msconfig running

    Here you’ll find three selectable radio buttons under the new heading “Startup Selection”. Normal Selected by default, changes frequently. Downloading diagnostics starts Windows on top in “lite” mode. € Functional warning, similar but not identical to safe mode. If you choose this particular setting to remember, change it after troubleshooting and/or Windows will continue to boot that way.

    Also, if you select Diagnostic Startup and click Apply, you should see that Selective Startup is automatically selected with only the Load All Body Services field populated. By default, Scan Mode provides you with more drivers and services than those that run in Safe Mode, whichwhich I explain with . If you find that along with the Control Panel item, you also need a program that just doesn’t enter Safe Mode, then you’re probably trying to use Diagnostic Mode, which loads less than normal boot but much more than Safe Mode.

    You will notice that when you click “Start Diagnostics” and press “Apply” with your finger, the “Load system services” checkbox is not checked, it is completely filled. This is important because as you click and scroll through your monthly service bill, you will see most of the multiple services being viewed. Now go back to the General tab, click on Selective Startup again and check the box for Load System Services with a good checkmark. You will see that under the Services tab, ALL services are enabled, not just some of them. p>

    With the “Load Starter Items” checkbox, we can tick it with just one checkbox, which allows all Starter Items to be launched at the Starter Price, or disables them all. It is worth noting that if you have chosenYes selective startup with a specific checkbox in Load system services and Load startup items, it’s like a regular startup that checks everything.

    The only reason to do a specific startup and check any or all of these points is to know when a particular service or startup point is causing problems. You can do this by checking the appropriate box in the common navigation bars and then starting the services, or by clicking Disable All and then just checking the item. You restart your computer and see if this service start or item might be causing a problem with your solution. If not, go back to the main services or Startup tab and then check the other item. Continue until you find your problem specialist or launcher.

    MSCONFIG Launch Tab

    msconfig running

    Now that most of us have a clear idea of ​​the General tab and how to connect to the Services and Home tabs, let’s talk about the second tab: Startup. This is a particularly important tab as it containsThere are many options for starting Windows.

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