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If you are facing the microsoft Word Safe Mode error on your system, we hope this guide will help you resolve the issue.

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    If the Word magazine or template you are opening is corrupted, Word may open in Safe Mode. Try opening other documents and models before concluding that my program is the source of the problem.

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    If the application starts up in healthy mode or displays an error message, it means that someone has prevented it from starting normally. When it comes to Office applications, it’s usually the dangerous plugins and folders. If you’re getting the message “The application couldn’t start last time” when you start Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. Safe Mode may contain troubleshooting information, but some features may not be available only in Safe Mode. Then this article will help you solve the problem.

    Excel, Word, Or PowerPoint Won’t Start On Time

    How do I fix Word failed in safe mode?

    Open System Configuration.Select “Selective startup” and uncheck “Load system services” and therefore “Load startup items”.Click the All Services tab.Select the Microsoft Office ClickToRun Service check OK.When prompted, click Restart.

    If you are prompted to boot into safe mode, you should do so directly. If you missed a lesson and get it every time, hold down the CTRL key and click on the new app icon and don’t release the CTRL key until someone asks you to confirm the fail-safe mode.

    1. Disable/enable add-ons in safe mode
    2. Fix desktop app
    3. Delete files in application launch path

    microsoft word error safe mode

    You may sweatRequire administrator rights when reinstalling or repairing Office applications.

    1] Disable/Enable Add-ons In Safe Mode

    If there are indeed no problems with the application’s Safe Mode, owners should determine if add-ons are currently causing problems. We will almost certainly disable all major add-ins one by one, but this time we will restart Excel, Word or PowerPoint on a daily basis and see if the problem persists. To disable an add-on:

  • File> Options> Add-ons
  • Below requires the Manage:Com add-in
  • Click Go > Disable All Add-ons Directly to disable them.
  • Close the application, then run the idea as usual.
  • The steps are the same for any Microsoft Office application that supports add-ins.

    2] Restore Desktop Application

    If the problem occurs with all applications and there are several common add-ins, it is best to repair Office. The main files can be damaged, and also they will be replaced during recovery.enena with an excellent new copy. Follow the instructions to reset the apps individually or complete the Office installation.

    Read: Outlook did not start correctly; Do you want to setup in safe mode?

    3] Delete Files In The Application’s Internal Path On Startup

    Some users of the Microsoft Answers forum have reported that they can delete files and folders in the startup folder of their application path. Usually they are located behind-

    What is Safe Mode Microsoft Word?

    Automatic Safe Mode is invoked when a Microsoft Office application may fail to start due to certain issues, such as an add-in or extension not starting, or an unsafe resource, file, registry, or template.


    The folder name is “Startup for Word and PowerPoint” and “XLSTART Excel”. Make sure the Office application is considered closed if you frequently delete the contents of this folder.

    microsoft word error safe mode

    I hope the message was easy to understand because you could only clear Excel, open Word and PowerPoint applications on Windows 10.

    What Is The Windows 10 Error “Word Took A While To Start If Your Organization’s Safe Mode Solved The Problem”?

    If you encounter the error “Word could not start last time, safe mode should help you fix it” on a Windows 10 computer trying to run Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word, you are in the right place to find a solution. Here you will be guided by simple steps/methods to solve the problem. Let’s start the discussion.

    Error “Word Start didn’t help the last time safe mode helped solve a problem.” This can be a common error that is considered a Microsoft Office application bug. This error occurs regularly when you try to run Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word on your Windows 10 PC. This error indicates that Microsoft Office Word failed to start last season and prompts you to run most of the application in safe mode. to access the app again. Consider a specific error message.

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  • “Word couldn’t continue in time. Safe Mode can help them solve the problem, but some services might not be available in Safe Mode. Want to open in Safe Mode?

    This Microsoft Application Health Cl errorinic can be caused by a variety of reasons, including corrupted home installation files, plug-ins, and other Microsoft applications. In this case, you need to open the Newspaper and TV, hold down the CTRL key on your laptop and click on the application. Therefore, do not release the CTRL key until you are prompted to confirm Safe Mode. One way to solve this dilemma is to disable/enable add-ons or extensions in safe mode. You can also try repairing the Microsoft Office software installer file to resolve the issue.

    How To Fix Word Couldn’t Start Last Time In Safe Mode Should Help You Fix The Hard Task Error In Windows 10?

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