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If you caused an unexpected error on your PC due to iastor sys, this user guide should help you fix it.

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    The reason you’re seeing the driver_irql_not_less_or_equal (IaStorA.(or sys) something like that) error is because the IaStorA.sys driver is using the wrong addresses. In short, a cyclist plays on himself and thereby disables his own computer.

    Serial ATA: Intel Storage Array Manager, driver, Windows 2000, Windows English xp, language, Precision 380, v.5.0.1.A02

    Serial 1001, ATA: Intel Matrix Storage Manager, driver, Windows 2000, English xp, language, Windows Dimension 9100, XPS (Gen 5), Precision 380, v., A01

    Here is my own response directly to this error message originally posted in

    Customer Scenario: The customer uses a whole group of computers, so he wants to install RIS (Remote Installation Services) on his new computers and wants to use the Windows XP SP2 OEM CD provided by the OEM, as I usually do. I recommend this method as it is often tedious and can lead to initializations, crashes, and more.

    PC running slow?

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  • 1. Download ASR Pro from the website
  • 2. Install it on your computer
  • 3. Run the scan to find any malware or virus that might be lurking in your system

  • When a user uses a CD-OEM to build computers with RIS, they are unaware that the CD-OEM is using files modified causing an errorerrors in the RIS process. The first error you will encounter is probably similar to

    The iastor.sys file gave you an error (21) at line 3540 in

    The error mentioned above is misleading because potential customers think they really need it (and probably shouldn’t now, because the necessary drivers can be properly installed via oemnpdrivers or the .bat install path).

    NOTE. This error can also easily occur on workstations. In this case see http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=7454


    To avoid these headaches, we need to understand where they usually come from.

    When you runrisetup on a RIS server, a replay file is generated with the name Txtsetup.Sif in the folder risserverrisdriveremote installsetupenglishimagesI386.

    Remove the only sniffed properties from the file, then open it in Notepad and look for [sCSI download section]. At this point, you can find which statement is causing the error. Finally, everyone comment out the lines that throw a completely similar error when trying to reboot the system. NOT

    Comment out all lines, as systemShema can’t find hardware capacity after troubleshooting. Here’s what happens: The OEM Blu-ray contains several references to Raid/SCSI drivers (for etc.) that users who are not your family members will find in the txtsetup file in the volume.

    Look at the two examples below, each first part is from your own OEM txtsetup file (Danish winxpsp2). The future part is taken from the sif file txtsetup.sif from the VLK CD.

    [sCSI.Load]iastor = iastor.sys,4

    a320raid equals a320raid.sys,4

    aac = aac.sys,4

    cpqarray = cpqarray.sys,4

    atapi equals atapi.sys,4

    aha154x = aha154x.sys,4

    sparrow = sparrow.sys,4

    symc810 matches symc810.sys,4

    aic78xx = aic78xx.sys,4

    i2omp implies i2omp.sys,4

    dac960nt = dac960nt.sys,4

    ql10wnt = ql10wnt.sys,4

    amsint means amsint.sys4

    asc = asc.sys,4

    asc3550 = asc3550.sys,4

    mraid35x means mraid35x.sys,4

    ini910u = ini910u.sys,4

    ql1240 = ql1240.sys,4

    aic78u2 matches aic78u2.sys,4

    symc8xx = symc8xx.sys,4

    sym_hi matches sym_hi.sys,4

    sym_u3 = sym_u3.sys,4

    asc3350p implies asc3350p.sys,4

    abp480n5 = abp480n5.sys,4

    cd20xrnt = cd20xrnt.sys,4

    ultra means ultra.sys,4

    adpu160m = adpu160m.sys,4

    dpti2o = dpti2o.sys,4

    ql1080 implies ql1080.sys,4

    ql1280 = ql1280.sys,4

    ql12160 = ql12160.sys,4

    perc2 matchno perc2.sys,4



    dac2w2k matches dac2w2k.sys,4

    aarich = aarich.sys,4

    And now the exact same VLK part of the txtsetup .sif file…

    [sCSI.Load]cpqarray implies cpqarray.sys,4


    aha154x equals aha154x.sys,4

    sparrow = sparrow.sys,4

    symc810 = symc810.sys,4

    aic78xx equals aic78xx.sys,4


    dac960nt equals dac960nt.sys,4

    ql10wnt = ql10wnt.sys,4


    asc equals asc.sys,4

    asc3550 = asc3550.sys,4

    mraid35x = mraid35x.sys,4

    ini910u means ini910u.sys,4

    ql1240 = ql1240.sys,4

    aic78u2 = aic78u2.sys,4

    symc8xx equals symc8xx.sys,4

    sym_hi = sym_hi.sys,4

    sym_u3 means sym_u3.sys,4

    asc3350p = asc3350p.sys,4

    abp480n5 matches abp480n5.sys,4

    cd20xrnt = cd20xrnt.sys,4

    ultra = ultra.sys,4

    adpu160m means adpu160m.sys,4

    dpti2o = dpti2o.sys,4

    ql1080 = ql1080.sys,4

    ql1280 matches ql1280.sys,4

    ql12160 = ql12160.sys,4

    perc2 = perc2.sys,4

    hpn equals hpn.sys,4


    dac2w2k = dac2w2k.sys,4

    As you’ll see above, there are quite a few differences between the OEM txtsetup.sif file and the file that the vlk provides from the CD. So the first step to fixing your user’s “iastor.sys errors” is basically in the red-red VLK section directly in the [scsi.load] part of the original OEM-ffile txtsetup.sif (in the tags above). replace OEM part numbers with VLK part numbers (original OEM files no problem).

    When you find out about this, you can restart your RIS solution and try installing RIS again. Things will look a lot better, but maybe halfway through the RIS layout you’ll see a few links where you can click “not found” to have files, skip “ESC in the market”. your diet will become healthier (or better)






















    iastor sys caused unexpected error


























    remove something else. Often you have to go to another section of the file TXTSETUP.SIF’

    [sourcedisk files]

    NOTE. The “Called You” feature is for MULTIPLE searches for links to [sourceDisksFiles] foundin the TXTSETUP.SIF file, but all but ONE of them is just the one we usually need to change, which we modify by inserting the following line


    bootvid.dll is 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2



    c_437.nls means 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2

    l_intl.nls = 1,,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2………

    (the list of files gets even longer and, even better, remove the lines BETWEEN ‘[sourceDisksFiles] and so bootvid.dll =

    iastor sys caused unexpected error

    OK, 1,,,,,3_,2,0,0,,1,2 now that you’ve finished editing the TXTSETUP.SIF report, save it and restart the RIS service. Ask the client to perform another full PXE boot on the RIS server and unmute when the phone stops ringing

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    Iastor Sys Causou Um Erro Inesperado
    Iastor Sys Causó Un Error Inesperado
    Iastor Sys Ha Causato Un Errore Imprevisto
    Iastor Sys вызвал непредвиденную ошибку
    Iastor Sys Veroorzaakte Onverwachte Fout
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    Iastor Sys A Provoqué Une Erreur Inattendue
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