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In recent days, some users have been reporting that they are facing history in the notification center control panel.

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    The Action Center is the primary language for displaying notifications and actions that can help keep Windows running smoothly. If Windows detects problems with your hardware or software, this guide contains important security and maintenance emails that need your attention.

    The Action Center in Windows 7 and work through the night as a central location for a list of important messages and warnings related to Windows security and maintenance that may need your attention. You can access the Action Center by clicking the icon in the notification area (taskbar) or by using the Control Panel.

    A useful component of the Action Center is Problem Reports, which displays a meaningful list of all the problems that should have occurred on your PC.

    You must complete the appropriate steps to view verification reports. First “Honest Service Center”, then “Service” under the item, you click on the link “View reliability details”. It opens the Reliability Monitor, after you click on the “View All Issue Reports” link provided in the bot window, it willAt the end, the headache reporting window will open.

    Which action will access the Control Panel?

    To access the Control Panel and use this method, press the Windows Brand + R keys to open the Run dialog box, just type “Control Panel” into the empty field and click OK. The control panel will open.

    Recently, AskVG member “Peter Wade” asked us to provide a new shortcut for reporting issues running on Windows 7 and later:

    In today’s keyword, we came to this after a guide that allows the customer to create a direct link to get problem reports on Windows 7 and therefore later.

    Which are the features of the action center?

    Characteristics. The Action Center lets you use four quick settings, and in Windows 10, online marketers can drill down to see all the quick settings. Notifications are categorized by app, and users can swipe right to go back to deleting notifications. Action Center also manages active notifications from Windows 10.

    2. The Create Shortcut Wizard will launch. Now enter the following in the “String Premises” field:

    3. After entering the location, click Next. Now enter the problem messages in the field names and click on the “Finish” button. Another new shortcut will be created on the desktop.

    4. Now it’s time to change the icon. Right-click the shortcut and select Properties. Click the “Change Icon” button. Type ActionCenterCPL.dll into the text field and press Enter. Select the first icon, click the OK button, then apply the changes. Maybe

    You also put everything on the quick launch bar or a pin on the Windows taskbar.

    history in the action center control panel

    NOTE. If someone does not want to create the secret formula by hand and wants toTo learn the secret ready to use, download the following zip file, extract it and get the link:

    In the Notification Center, open Maintenance and you will see the reliability history. Open it and with it you can display the monitor in addition to the issue mentioned below. I need a link to access the issue reports that bypass the steps. I use 1 win.


    Security and maintenance are now important to any computer, and Windows 7 has several improvements to make it easier for your beloved computer to run smoothly.

    In this driving lesson, you’ll learn how to get Action Center, User Account Control settings, and troubleshooting to keep your wonderful computer running as smoothly as possible. You’ll also learn how to fix serious issues using System Restore to restore system settings.

    What Is Notification Center?

    Where is problem history in the action center Control Panel?

    To do this, click Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer. Once you are inevent viewer, click the system log and review the entries, look for any “error” messages to see if your family can find any clues to what is causing the problem.

    The Notification Center is the central location for security and maintenance notifications. His understandingIt also makes it easier to troubleshoot problems with this computer.

    Learn more about using the Action Center in this video.

    To make the Notification Center work:

    history in the action center control panel

    If you have important messages, the flag icon on the taskbar will show up as a blue “X”.

    1. To open the Action Center, click the small flag icon on the taskbar.
    2. Check messages.Open
    3. Click Action Center to reply to the message.
      Open the entire Actions Access Center

    from control panel to notification center:

    1. Click Start.
    2. Hide to show control panel.
    3. Under System and Security, click Check Computer Status.

    Troubleshooting Help Center:

    Your messages will be displayed in Action Center lite. Important messages have a highlighted bar, while less important messages have a yellow bar. If a security or maintenance issue has a working solution, an option will appear to the right of the main message.

    Some messages are just notifications They do not indicate a problem with your computer. These messages are unlikely to contain a decision button, but these companies may still contain important information in addition to instructions.

    • To solve the problem, click the Current (Resolution) button and follow the on-screen instructions. When you’re done, the message will disappear from the notification center.
      Reply to messages in Action Some Center

    Change Your User Account Control Settings

    What is User Account Control?

    PC running slow?

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  • User Account Control notifies you when a program or possibly a user tries to change settings on your home computer. This will temporarily lock your computer until you confirm that you want to make changes. This helps protect your computer from malware. When it was introduced in Windows Vista, many users found that it generated too many warning pop-ups. In some versions of Windows, the user can now choose how often to receive more than one of these warnings.driving.

    To change User Account Control settings:

    1. Open Notification Center.
    2. Click Edit Account User Management Settings.
      Change User Account Control settings
    3. Use the slider to select the level of protection you want, such as User Account Control. It is best to use one of the two settings above. The other two should only be used in certain circumstances. It may be better to help you select the highest setting. Assuming you have too many popups, you can always make them smaller to account for the second parameter.

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      Устранение неполадок и история устранения неполадок в панели управления Action Center
      Risoluzione Dei Problemi E Cronologia Dei Problemi Nel Pannello Di Controllo Del Centro Operativo
      Solução De Problemas E Histórico De Solução De Problemas No Painel De Controle Do Action Center
      관리 센터 제어판의 문제 해결 및 문제 해결 기록
      Solución De Problemas E Historial De Solución De Problemas En El Panel De Control Del Centro De Actividades
      Felsökning Och Felsökningshistorik I Kontrollpanelen För Action Center
      Probleemoplossing En Probleemoplossingsgeschiedenis In Het Configuratiescherm Van Het Actiecentrum
      Dépannage Et Historique De Dépannage Dans Le Panneau De Configuration Du Centre D’action
      Rozwiązywanie Problemów I Historia Rozwiązywania Problemów W Panelu Sterowania Centrum Akcji
      Fehlerbehebung Und Fehlerbehebungsverlauf In Der Action Center-Systemsteuerung