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  • To: [email protected]/Wheezy:org
  • subject: autofs-ldap -> syntax error near [present with /nethome/files/disc01]
  • From: Danny Fuchs
  • Date: Thu, September 26, 2013 +02:00
  • Message ID: <[🔎] 5F49B344-9C7D-4F57 – AC19 [email protected]>
  • Hello,I am trying to access LDAP Autofs help. We have some (old/new) fileservers and some LDAP entries as described in: /usr/share/doc/autofs-ldap/examples/ bulk LDIF##LDAPv3# base With scalable subtree # (objectclass=*)# filter: query: ANY#DN: automountMapName=auto_direct,ou=services,ou=RBG,dc=fooObject class: automountMapObject class: aboveautomountMapName: auto_directDN: from automountKey=/nethome/fire01/disc01,automountMapName=auto_direct,ou=services,ou=RBG,dc=fooauto mount key: auto mountObject class: /nethome/fire01/disc01Object class: aboveautomount info: fire01:/disc01[...AutomountKey=/nethome/files/disc01,automountMapName=auto_direct,ou=services,ou=RBG,dc=fookey ]dn: automount: Object /nethome/files/disc01class: automountObject Class: FileYou: /disc01[ aboveautomount info:...]================================/etc/default/autofs:MASTER_MAP_NAME="/etc/auto_direct"TIMEOUT=300BROWSE_MODE="no"LOGGING="debugging"LDAP_URI="ldap://"SEARCH_BASE="ou=Services,ou=RBG,dc=foo"MAP_OBJECT_CLASS="auto-mount map"ENTRY_OBJECT_CLASS="auto-mount"MAP_ATTRIBUTE="automountMapName"ENTRY_ATTRIBUTE="auto-mount key"VALUE_ATTRIBUTE="automount information"Debug:Sep 26 10:43:01 am autofs automount[2081]: clientmaster stoppedSep 26 10:43:01 clientmaster automount [2102]: boot from automount version master, 7, twenty-six /etc/auto_directSep 10:43:01 Clientmaster [2102]: automount Starting kernel protocol version 5.02Sep 26 Clientmaster Automount[2102]: 10:43:01 lookup_nss_read_master: master entry /etc/auto_directSep 26 Clientmaster 10:43:01 parse_init: automount[2102]: parse(sun): init collected global options: (null)Sep 25 Clientmaster 10:43:01 automount[2102]: spawn_mount: check detected mtab webpage link, -n file to mount30. Clientmaster Sep 10:43:01 automount Spawn_umount: [2102]: mtab website found, pass -n to mountSep 26 Clientmaster 10:43:01 lookup_read_master: automount[2102]: lookup (file): Auto_direct checked item26+ Sep client master 10:43:01 automount [2102]: lookup_nss_read_master: Read ldap master sep auto_direct26 Clientmaster 10:43:01 automount[2102]: parse_server_string: lookup(ldap): Attempt to parse LDAP information flow 'auto_direct'.26. 10:43:01 clientmaster Sep automount[2102]: parse_server_string: mapname lookup(ldap): auto_directSep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster[2102]: automount parse_ldap_config: ldap lookup (ldap): Authentication created with the following options:Sep 25 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: parse_ldap_config: lookup(ldap): use_tls: one, tls_required: 0, auth_required: 1, sasl_mech: (null)25. 10:43:01 Sep clientmaster automount [2102]: parse_ldap_config: lookup(ldap): user: (null), secret: unspecified, clientwide: (null) cache credentials: (null)Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster parse(sun): automount[2102]: parse_init: prepared global init parameters: (null)Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: try find_server server uri: ldap://ldap.sep foo26 Clientmaster 10:43:01 automount[2102]: do_bind: auth_required: lookup(ldap): 1, sasl_mech (null)Sep 24 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: lookup(ldap): do_bind: ldap light bind returned 0Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: get_query_dn: lookup(ldap): check list of search fields26. 10:43:01 Sep clientmaster automount[2102]: get_query_dn: lookup(ldap): found lookup at Ou=services,ou=RBG,dc=foo26 foundation Sep Clientmaster 10:43:01 automount[2102]: get_query_dn: lookup(ldap): stumbled upon query dn automountMapName=auto_direct,ou=services,ou=RBG,dc=fooSeptember 25 Clientmaster10:43:01 automount[2102]: connect to uri ldap://ldap.fooSep 28 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: lookup_read_master: lookup(ldap): looks for "(objectclass=automount)" under "automountMapName=auto_direct,ou=services,ou=RBG,dc=foo"Sep 25 10:43:01 AM clientmaster[2102]: automount lookup_read_master: lookup(ldap): show them entriesSep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster [2102]: automount format error near card [/nethome/fire01/disc01]Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: format Error parsing map.Sep 24 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount [2102]: Map syntax error on .near [ /nethome/fire01/disc02 ]Sep 26 Clientmaster 10:43:01 syntactic automount[2102]: error also while parsing map.Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: format error in /nethome/fire01/disc04 map near [ ]Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: Error parsing map format.2610:43:01 clientmaster automount[2102]: syntax error in diagram next to Clientmaster [/nethome/fire01/disc06]26Sep 10:43:01 Automount [2102]: Syntax error although this is a real map scan.sep,26 10:43:01 clientmaster Automount [2102]: Error formatting card in Near [/nethome/files/disc02].Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount[2102]: format Error parsing map.Sep 26 Clientmaster 10:43:01 automount[2102]: Syntax error near From [ /nethome/files/disc04 ]26Sep Automount[2102]: clientmaster syntax error 10:43:01 but map parsing.Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster [2102]: automount lookup_read_master: lookup read (file): /nethome25 entry. 10:43:01 Sep clientmaster automount[2102]: syntax error in plan near [/nethome/files/disc06]Sep 26 10:43:01 AM clientmaster automount [2102]: not in media table=======================NFS server fire01 is in NFS3 and files are in NFSv4.thanin a problem?you are danny


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